Military conflict

Sample photo / Defense Ministry of Belarus

They asked what the residents of Kyiv intended to do in the event of an attack and whether they feared an invasion.

A former field commander for pro-Russian forces was deported to Ukraine for an administrative offence in Belarus.

Illustratve photo from open sources

Five criminal cases were open against Belarus citizens that participated in combat in foreign countries in 2017.

The DPR borders should be expanded, Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Leader of Donetsk separatists Alexander Zakharchenko has announced it.

Russian troops’ participation in the conflict has been officially confirmed for the first time.

The aircrafts that took part in the exercise have returned to their airdromes.

NATO should reconsider the eastern border defence concept at the Alliance summit in September, Polish Minister of Defence Tomasz Siemoniak told RadioP

A small group of federalization supporters entered the building after negotiations with the police.