Belarus delegation visits Chechnya

Віктар Лукашэнка з Кадыравым наведаў універсітэт, дзе вучыцца расійскі спецназ

On 25 June, a Belarusian delegation led by President Lukashenka's oldest son and national security aide Viktar visited Chechnya, reports Radio Liberty Belarusian Service

When in Grozny, the Belarusian delegation met with the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov who himself wrote about it on Vkontakte. According to Kadyrov, Viktar Lukashenka conveyed him and the Chechen people the best greetings and regards from the head of Belarus. 

Kadyrov also wrote on his Twitter page that along with Viktar Lukashenka he visited the Russian University in Gudermes, where "there are the best conditions for commando unit training in the world."