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Belarus buys VIP helicopter worth $12 mln

The helicopter with Belarus livery in the Milano Malpensa airport on 18 February 2019. Photo:​

A new helicopter with Belarus livery has arrived in Belarus. The VIP-model AW139, manufactured by the Italian aircraft maker AgustaWestland, is worth more than $12 million. 

The helicopter was photographed by plane spotters on 18 February before departude from the Milano Malpensa airport. 

AW139 is usually used for exclusive airlifts. For example, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev uses the same model.

The helicopter can carry up to 15 passengers at a high speed of up to 309kmh. The cabin is equipped with air conditioner, noise reduction headphones, electric airstairs (left-hand and right-hand), state-of-the-art multimedia systems and a VIP conference room with s secure communication system.

In Belarus, most likely the helicopter will be used by President Aliaksandr Lukashenka.