Belarus army draftee on hunger strike

Zmitser Zhaleznichenka, an activist with a local youth pressure group in Homel, on January 25 announced an indefinite hunger strike after he was drafted to serve in the Belarus Army, reports Belapan.

On the same day, the chancellor of the Homel State University signed his order to expell Zhaleznichenka.

Zmitser said he is protesting against his illegal recruitment. On the draft day, he was officially a student. Besides, Zhaleznichenka did not undego a repeated medical checkup. He said he felt bad, suffering from high blood pressure. In addition, Zmitser demanded to be dispatched to a unit where orders would be pronounced in the Belarusian language. That was not done.

The activist managed to file complaints to the Ministry of Defense, the Supreme Court and other agencies. Zhaleznichenka is defiant to remain on hunger strike until his recruitment is cancelled or he is dispatched to serve in a Belarusian-language unit