Bank teller speaks about robber: He did not let me touch his gun!

Bank teller Vika Yermakovich has already returned to work. It looks like she has already recovered from stress.

“Vika is hungry, she will not talk to you,” young man Sasha answered for the teller. Vika was chuckling nearby.

“Did mass media report all the truth about the incident?”

“She does nto remember,” Sasha brushed aside.

We asked Sasha to call his girlfriend. We wanted to ask Vika whether the attacker had really had a gun on him.

“To tell you the truth, I do not know. Do you think that he let me touch the gun? Let me forget about it,” Vika Yermakovich cut it short. “I am happy to be alive, everything is fine. I am still a bank teller. I work at the bank now, not at a currency exchange office.”

A BSB-Bank’s currency exchange office in the trade centre i was attacked on October 1. A Masty inhabitant who used to be a Brest paratrooper and had worked as a security guard in Moscow attacked the girl when she opened the door. He pushed Vika into the currency exchange office but the girl managed to call for help. Entrepreneurs working in the trade centre close the door with the key left outside and called the police.

A sniper shot the attacker in the head after a few hours of negotiations. The man died in hospital on November 3. “Did your daughter tell you what the attacker talked to her about?” We asked Natallya Yermakovich, Victoria’s mother.

“She did not tell me. But they did talk about something. She was trying not to make him angry,” the woman recalled.  “She had never met that man before. I wonder why they did not drag her out of the currency exchange office. They locked her and the attacker inside. Even her boss said that it was better to let the attacker go with the money. They would have started looking for him anyway. But I do not blame anyone. People may be taken aback in such a situation.”

The situation ended ell for the bank, police and Vika. However, not all attackers are so lame. Banks and currency exchange offices are regularly robbed in Belarus. Most attackers have not been found so far. The worst robbery occurred in December 2009 – a man entered the currency exchange office in the supermarket Autazavodski in the face of day and killed 21-year-old teller Tatstsyana. Her body was found only at 9 p.m. The criminal has not been found so far.