Arthur Finkevich faces criminal charges

Youth activist Arthur Finkevich is awaiting trial on criminal charges in a Mahilyou confinment cell, the European Radio for Belarus has learned.
His lawyer Hanna Rybalka told ERB that the activist who is serving his exile term in Shklou was arrested today in the morning.

Hanna Rybalka: “He has 415 violations of the correction facility's order. This is his fourth punishment. Criminal responsibility is enforced after three disciplinary actions. I can't say that the disciplinary actions are jusitified.

We will work on this issue. I have an appointment with Arthur scheduled for Tuesday, 3 p.m. I will have access to his file then. He is currently being held in Mahilyou's Kastrychnitski District Police Department. He will have to stay in a pre-trial detention facility before he appears in court”.