Application procedure for mass rallies simplified in Brest

This year the city administration has introduced changes into the procedure request for a mass event. Brest human rights activists believe this achievement to be the result of their appeals in 2013. According to human rights activist Uladzimir Vyalichkin,  it is not necessary now in Brest to conclude an agreement with the police, if the organizers undertake the duty to keep order. 

Vyalichkin said, "It's another matter that there are still two institutions  that those wishing to undertake activitiest in Brest must conclude agreement with. It is central emergency care hospital, and when it comes to Peacekeeper's Park -- with the Recreation Park management."

The human rights activist said that the inquiry procedure had been really simplified, but officials still find ways to not allow unwanted rallies. While submitting a picket request which aims to draw attention to political prisoners in Belarus, Uladzimir Vyalichkin faced an absurd situation. 

"I complied with the demands of the Belarusian legislation: I filed a request, attached an agreement with medics, but was unable to attach an agreement with Mr. Schygelski - director of the park. He refused to do it and wrote on my application:'Prepare the agreement after the executive committee authorizes to conduct it," said human rights activist. 

Statement of the park director contradicts the procedure for picket  application. To get permission for it at the executive committee, you must first conclude all relevant agreements, and not vice versa. 

Picket in support of political prisoners is scheduled for August 10. On August 5 human rights activists will know if they have received permission to conduct  it. Lack of agreement with the management of the park can become a pretext for cancellation.

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