Another assumed organizer of Paris attacks detained in Turkey

У Турцыі затрымалі яшчэ аднаго магчымага арганізатара парыжскіх тэрактаў

A person suspected or November 13 Paris attacks has been detained in Turkey, Reuters referred to the Turkish authorities on Saturday, November 21.

The detained man is Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin Ahmed Dahmani, the agency reports. He was caught in a 5-star hotel in Antalya. He arrived there on November 16.

Dahmani, 26, is suspected of studying the target areas for the terrorist attacks in Paris. 129 people were killed and 350 were wounded on November 13.

The Turkish authorities have also detained two Syrians at the highway situated nearby. They are suspected of having been sent to Turkey by the Islamic State in order to help Dahmani cross the border.

The two suspects are Ahmad Tahir, 29, and Muhammad Verdi, 23. They were going to meet Dahmani in Antalya. Turkey has also deported a group of Moroccans detained at Istanbul International Airport on suspicion of connections with the ISIS this week.