Anarchists block road in Minsk (video)

In the evening, anarchists blocked one of the streets in Minsk. They put up a banner saying 'Free Anarchist Mikalai Dzyadok', lit flares and chanted Free Mikalai Dzyadok, website reports. It unknown if anyone was arrested.

Participants of the campaign said that they expressed solidarity with his friend, Mikalai Dzyadok, who had the term of imprisonment extended for one year.

The anarchist movement activist Mikalai Dzyadok was sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment in colony in May 2011. He was charged with grave hooliganism. Among other episodes made public in court were attack on the embassy and Molotov cocktails thrown at Akrestsina prison. At the trial, the man did not admit his guilt and refused to sign a petition for clemency to Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

As Euroradio reported earlier, on February 26, new trial over Dzyadok was held in Mahiliou prison 4. The man was to be released in early March, but the court sentenced him to an additional year of imprisonment. The political prisoner was charged with 16 counts of prison regime violations. The vast majority of them were about wearing sweat pants or having no t-shirt on.