Almost 4K Minskers officially went to work abroad in 2018

In 2018, 3,762 Minsk residents officially went to work abroad. Head of the Citizenship and Migration Directorate of the Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee Yury Baranau told Minsk News that this figure was based on the labor contracts and contracts signed and registered with the Department of Citizenship and Migration.

These are 3,717 citizens of Belarus and 45 foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in our country.

Most often Minsk residents went to work in Russia -- 1,049 people. The second place was taken by Poland -- 753, the third was Lithuania -- 670. Then go the USA (358), Germany (340), the Czech Republic (214), Finland (112), China (82). The rest went to Qatar, Korea, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, Japan and other countries.

The majority of these migrants (2,539 people) got employed in working jobs, 701 in services and trade, 398 chose agriculture, and more than 120 received positions of skilled workers and specialists.

According to Mr Baranau, compared with 2017, the outflow of labor migrants from Belarus to Lithuania, Poland and Germany doubled. But the number of people willing to work in Russia is decreasing.