Ales Pushkin to sue head of village council for destroying Pahonia

Ales Pushkin displayed his paintings in Bobr on Freedom Day and starting painting Svaboda.  The painter organizes such actions in Bobr ever year on March 25. However, the head of the village council rudely disrupted the happening.

Ales Pushkin: “The head of the village council tore down the painting Svaboda I had been painting for 20 years. He tore down the  Pahonia like Tsitsyankou – in front of cameras. He broke it… I have lodged a complaint according to article 344 because Pahonia is our historical and cultural value.”

The actions of the head of the village council may also be classified as hooliganism, Ales Pushkin thinks. The painter was surprised to see an official who had taken two degrees trampling down on paintings.

Ales Pushkin lodged a complaint to the public prosecutor's office. He is also going to present his appeal to head of the Union of Painters Ryhor Sitnitsa today.