Ales Lahviniec has concussion, closed craniocerebral injury, broken nose

У Алеся Лагвінца страсенне, закрытая чэрапна-мазгавая траўма, пералом носа

The detained opposition activist Ales Lahviniec was hospitalized from a courtroom. He is in Minsk's Clinic No 9. 

Two police officers are guarding him in the hospital ward, his son Antos wrote on Facebook. According to Lahviniec Jr., his father has concussion, closed craniocerebral injury and nose fracture. "They took a parcel for him but did not allow to meet him in the hospital," Antos added. 

Euroradio reported earlier today, Ales Lahviniec was detained. The plainclothes agents beat him to blood and broke his glasses. His son Antos was also detained but later let go. 

Lahviniec was brought to Minsk's Maskouski District Court to stand trial allegedly for hooliganism. However, the trial was put off because he needed emergency medical care.