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Lyavon Volski’s Vilnius concert ad removed from Minsk metro

Photo: Euroradio

The advertisement of Lyavon Volski’s concert in Vilnius disappeared from Minsk metro within a day. It was installed at the entrence to the metro station Katrychnitskaya on Friday, March 31. It was removed on Saturday, April 1.


“The advertisement was approved in advance and we prepaid 100% of the cost for two weeks. But it was gone on the evening of April 1. The same happened to the billboard in the metro station Nyamiha. The situation is absurd. We will demand an explanation,” concert organizer Zmitser Kaspyarovich said.


The organizers of Lyavon Volski’s concert will donate 50 tickets to people arrested on Freedom Day in Minsk. They can apply for tickets by April 15.

Volski will give a big solo concert in the Vakaris club in Vilnius on May 8. The musician and a Belarus-Norway band will present a 2.5-hour concert programme 172 – from Mroya to Psychosomatics. Free visa to Lithuania for Belarusians with the concert tickets are provided.

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