Action in support of ‘John Silver’ near Valadarski Street prison in Minsk

Фотарэпартаж з акцыі каля Валадаркі ў Мінску ў падтрымку "Джона Сільвера"

An unauthorized street action in support of Eduard Palchys (‘John Silver’), the founder of the website 1863х.com, was held in Minsk on the evening of June 9. 7 people including Pavel Sevyarynets (one of the leaders of the organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party) took part in it. They were holding posters and white-red-white flags, shouting “Release Palchys”, “Glory to Ukraine”, “Solidarity!” and “Long Live, Belarus!”.

Policemen wrote down the names of the action participants and filmed the action. Nobody was detained.