7 absurd ways to get into trouble in Belarus

Что нельзя делать в Беларуси

People can be convicted for literally anything / instagram.com/rubanau_collage

Repressions in Belarus have not subsided for three years since the 2020 mass protests, but sometimes, the security forces reach the point of absurdity in their crackdown on dissent. If previously they could punish for the red stripes on a white box from an LG TV, now they even hunt for a photo on Tinder.

Euroradio has collected the most ludicrous reasons Belarusians end up in court.


Photo from Tinder

Undercover (or not) police operatives seem to be even scrolling Tinder, a popular dating app. Just recently, a Tinder user from Vierchniadzvinsk got fined BYN 3300 (around $1000)The reasonIn one of the pics, the man wore a T-shirt with Pahonia (Pursuit), the national Belarusian coat-of-arms.

It makes no sense to remember that Pahonia is officially recognized as a historical and cultural heritage in Belarus. The absurdity is that Pahonia is also present on Vierchniadzvinsk's town arms and the coat-of-arms of the entire Viciebsk region.


Reflectors on a bicycle

"Wrong colors", including the silver-red reflectors on a bicycle, may result in punishment. A police officer in Rahačoŭ saw a white-red-white in them. The bike owner was tried and sentenced to a fine of BYN 555 (around $170).

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