Factory raids: How law enforcement agencies raid enterprises

Employee of Belaruskali in 2020 / Euroradio

Employee of Belaruskali in 2020 / Euroradio / Еўрарадыё

When there was no one left to "catch" on the streets, the law enforcers went hunting - political arrests continue in universities, state organizations, private enterprises. They do not bypass companies, although it is the "working people" that the regime used to try not to anger.

Euroradio looked at which companies have been raided by law enforcement agencies since the beginning of this year.


Homiel raids

According to reports from human rights activists and law enforcement officials, workplace raids have been particularly frequent in Homiel region. The main target was the Homieĺ Plant of Casting and Normals. In March, the factory was raided and at least 14 people were arrested. The reason: "extremist" subscriptions and "wrong" comments.

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