219 bodies of Boeing 777 passengers found

Head of the State Commission for investigation of the catastrophe reasons Volodymir Groisman has said this at the briefing, UNIAN reports. He underlined that these are the new discoveries, apart from those 192 bodies and 8 fragments that had already been loaded into the train and waited for the transportation from the railway station in Torez.

“At present moment, 27 bodies and 20 fragments of innocent victims have been found additionally for the last few hours," Groisman said. "There is a special refrigerator for them, they will be loaded in it and transported to the train, ready for departure." 

On July 17, a civilian air jet of the Malaysian Airlines was shot down in the sky over Donetsk region. According to the information of the Ukrainian army and the US investigation it was shot down by a missile, sent from the territory that was controlled by the pro-Russian militants. The Russian authorities accuse the Ukrainian troops of the accident. 

298 people were on board, all of them died. Armed separatists interfere with the search and rescue works.