200-years-old boat retrieved from river bottom in Belarus

Belarus 1 TV image
Belarus 1 TV image

Archeologists and divers retrieved a big-size ancient boat from the bottom of the Neman River in Belarus. The 8-meter-long wooden boat is at least 200 years old.

It was spotted in the Iuye District of the Hrodna region by local fisherman Aleh Volikau when his fishing stick's lines got stuck under water. The pensioner reported the finding to the archeologists.

The boat was found in shallow waters but covered in mud. First, divers were called in to inspect the boat before pulling it out by a crane.

Specialists from the Institute of History at the National Academy of Sciences are yet to determine the exact age of the boat that will end up in a museum soon, reports Belarus 1 TV channel.

Со дна Немана подняли старинную лодку
Photo: Belarus 1 TV