12 private medical centres lose license

12 private medical centres have lost their licences, Minister of Health Vasil Zharko said at a press conference in Minsk. A number of violations (like using outdated equipment) that could affect peoples’ health and life were revealed in those centres, he said. 260 medical centres have already been checked in Belarus, the Minister noted. The check-ups have been conducted in all medical spheres: surgery, gynaecology, dentistry and others, Interfax reports.

23-year-old Yulia Kubarava died after a plastic surgery in April.

The girl underwent the operation in one of Minsk medical centres on March 27. The operation took 3 hours instead of 1.5, relatives say. The surgeon left after the operation and the anaesthetist told her parents not to wake her up because she would wake up on her own. Then he left the anxious parents alone. The nurse called an ambulance later at night and Yuliya was delivered to the intensive care unit of hospital #4. The girl spent 4 weeks in coma and died at the end of April.

According to investigators, the volume ventilator went down during the operation. Nobody had checked it since April 2010.

A criminal case was started according to part 2 of article 162 of the Criminal Code at the beginning of May – negligence in a medical centre that resulted in the patient’s death.

The director of the medical centre and the anaesthetist were detained. The medical centre lost its surgery licence.

Photo: splendourjoslain6.blogspot.com