11 BCD activists heading for party meeting detained in Brest

11 activists of the “Belarusian Christian Democracy” party heading for Minsk to take part in the organizational meeting of the BCD were detained in Brest on the night of February 28. A human rights activist Raman Kislyak has informed that the activists’ bus heading for Minsk was stopped by the police in Cosmonauts Boulevard in Brest at about 2.40 a.m. The activists were delivered to Lenin District Department of the Interior where they were told that they were suspected of preserving drugs. Protocols of detention were drawn up and the bus was searched. No drugs were found.

Activists were let off at about 6 a.m. They were stopped by driving inspectors in one of Brest streets soon afterwards. After the driver’s documents were checked, the activists managed to continue their trip to the capital.