Zyanon Paznyak warns about possible provocations on March 25

Зянон Пазняк заявіў пра магчымыя правакацыі 25 сакавіка

Some people are using fake Facebook pages to encourage Belarusians to go to the Square on March 25, he announced. His name is being used to bring people to the square, Zyanon Paznyak said.


"This is a provocation and it is not clear who has prepared it. A provocation is being prepared in the square. I would like to warn Belarusians and ask them to be careful. People planning the action on March 25 have always been organizing provocations. The last terrible provocation was on December 10, 2010. People were severely beaten, 700 people were jailed and all our community was crushed. It was done by the same people who are urging you to come to the square now,” Paznyak stressed in his video appeal.  


People who do come to the square should not yield in to appeals to assault anything or pitch tents, he noted. It is too early for it now. People who come to protest are not organized and they come to express their feelings because they have been humiliated by decree #3, he added. If there are provocations, the authorities will be able to destroy the whole movement at the very start and it will disappear.

Paznyak has suggested uniting at enterprises and then demanding to cancel decree #3 and dismiss the real freeloaders.


"Our country is worthy of being free and happy because our people are good and industrial,”  Paznyak claimed.