Young Font member sent to guardhouse for 7 days

Muski’s colleagues found it out when they phoned the garrison prison.

Mihas Muski was taken to Minsk from Lapichy by car at 9 a.m. on July 25. The Young Front member was taken to the army from jail. He refused to take oath.

The other soldiers were told that Muski is accused of organizing the hunger-strike and distributing information about it on the Internet. They also said that a criminal case would be opened. A commission from the Ministry of Defence arrived at their military unit after information about a hunger-strike near Asipovichy had appeared on the Internet, unofficial sources report.

Information about a hunger-strike in the military unit near Asipovichy appeared a few days ago. Soldiers were protesting against acts of harassment among servicemen. The information was not confirmed officially. However, Muski’s punishment may indirectly prove it.