Online ‘kings’ can't win Belarus election - Central Election Commission chair


The most active voters read newspapers and watch TV, CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna reckons. In her view, this is exactly why candidates who pin their hopes on the Internet have low chances.

“I think that it [the Internet] mostly has influence on young and middle-aged people. Meanwhile, young people are not active voters,” Narodnaya Hazeta quotes Lidziya Yarmoshyna as saying. “It means that, on the one hand, the part played by information technologies is big and, on the other hand, the most active voters are elderly people who prefer traditional mass media and trust them more. That is why we cannot say that ‘kings of the Internet’ can win elections in our country.”

Yarmoshyna believes the Internet is a dangerous means of propaganda since it contains a lot of false information.

The parliamentary election will be held in Belarus on November 17, 2019.