Yakauleuskі: Zeltzer was a hostage in somebody’s game

An observer Raman Yakauleuski considers the release of an American lawyer Emmanuel Zeltzer serving a three-year sentence in Mahileu colony #15 to be a positive fact in the bilateral relations. However, he suggested not making any optimistic forecasts.
Yakauleuski: “I’d suggest listening to what Zeltzer will say after the release. He promised to say something that would surprise and puzzle the whole world. If it does not happen, it will be considered a positive step and should be welcomed. It will also be necessary to regret that an American citizen was small change in somebody’s game”.

Raman Yakauleuski regretted that the American was a hostage in somebody’s game. The political scientist has an impression that the amnesty was not applied to the American on purpose – they kept waiting for the time when it would be possible “to sell” the fate of Emmanuel Zelter at a bigger price.