Woman faces criminal prosecution for insulting Lukashenka


The state news agency BELTA does not name the offender, but it is an open secret. Euroradio reported earlier that the case involves former political prisoner Katsiaryna Sadouskaya who was convicted in 2006 for insulting the head of Belarus.

The criminal case has been opened under the article in the Penal Code that deals with "insulting the President of the Republic of Belarus, committed by a person, convicted earlier for the same offence". It is proceeded by Minsk's Saviecki District Branch of the Investigation Committee. It is reported that "the criminal case is opened in connection with the notes written by the offender in the Suggestions Book at Minsk's Saviecki District Court as they contain the words and expressions that insult the high official."

Sadouskaya wrote a note in April this year when there were preventive detentions of activists ahead of the World Ice Hockey Championships in Minsk. The note read: "Till when will they be executing the orders of mentally ill citizen Lukashenka?“.

The Investigation Committee notes that the final legal assessment of the actions by the suspect will be given after a comprehensive analysis and expertise.

Check details of Sadouskaya's previous conviction here.

Photo: Радыё Свабода