Will registration allow working in Minsk without residence permit?

ERB has found a loophole in the law that can allow a non-resident find a job in Minsk and work for 11 months and 20 days.
There are two ways of getting a job in the capital now: paying 500 USD for a residence permit or asking a company to send an appeal to Minsk City Executive committee and pay 15 million 500 thousand BRB for you. Of course, there are not many companies willing to do it. ERB decided to find out whether it would be easier to get a job in Minsk after the residence permit was replaced with registration.

It turned out that there were very few people who knew about this law in Belarus. According to the deputy head of the President’s National centre for draft creation Lyudmila Panferava, the law is in power but it is used only in provinces.

Lyudmіla Panferava: Our Labour Code mentions no special conditions for getting a job that would be connected with residence permit. The main problem is the decision of Minsk City Executive Committee – you can hire people but you should pay for them first.

Lyudmіla Andreeuna thinks that the situation should change when registration is introduced: even if you are not able to get a permanent registration (for 20 square meters of floor space), you can get a temporary one. You don’t need additional meters to get it, only the agreement of the person registering you in the flat is necessary. The document will be valid for 11 months and 20 days and can be prolonged after it expires. So, a non-resident will not have any problems getting a job in the capital.

The deputy head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Anatol Lanin is not so cheerful about it.

Anatol Lanіn: Minsk inhabitants cannot find jobs according to their profession and liking. Do you really think that those who arrive from Kobryn or Lelchytsy will be welcomed here? Or do you think they will have no problems with getting a temporary registration? Even Minsk sewer system can serve a limited number of people and is meant for the current number of inhabitants. That is why it is necessary to control the influx of non-residents.

Having got such a reply, ERB mentioned the fact that  Kobryn and Lelchytsy builders often went to do seasonal jobs in Moscow where it was easier to buy registration than a Minsk residence permit. It turns out that the neighbouring country is more open for Belarusians than their own capital. Furthermore, there are a lot of vacancies at Minsk labour registry offices.

Anatol Lanin changed his opinion after such an argument.

Anatol Lanіn: The more workers we have in the capital, the easier it will be to chose and perform staff selection. For example, we lack drivers today. But we will have enough of them some day. The same can be said about builders. The resource will be depleted very soon. Speaking about officials, they are not needed in the capital now.

The official cost of registration is not very big – 6200 BRB. But will the registration be sold just like the residence permits? It is evident that the contents of advertisements will change after the New Year’s Day but the sense will remain the same. Lyudmіla Panferava thinks that the price of 500 USD may go down significantly.

Lyudmіla Panferava: There are not many people having additional floor space to register a non-resident in Minsk. That is why the price is so high. However, temporary registration does not require additional space so there will be more possibilities.

The question if employers are be satisfied with the temporary registration and to what they will pay more attention – to the permanent of temporary registration – still remains. The reply ERB got from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection was surprising.

Adviser: You know, many things are done in our country in this way – a law is adopted but nobody knows what is to become of it.

Most likely it will be employers who will decide whether to hire a person or not. By the way, it is possible to get a job without a residence permit in the Russian capital. You can even lodge a complaint if you get a refusal for this reason.

Photo by  as.baikal.tv