Will Lukashenka's decree accelerate issuance of passports from 'New Belarus'?

Valer Kavaleuski

Valer Kavaleuski / тэлеграм-канал Аб'яднанага пераходнага кабінета

The scandalous decree #278 of Aliaksandr Lukashenka makes the recognition of passports of "New Belarus" even more necessary. According to Valer Kavaleuski, the representative of the transitionalm cabinet, such a passport would have not only a practical, but also a symbolic meaning.

"In fact, it would free people from dependence on the regime's consulates and embassies, which do not serve the people but support Lukashenka's power".

Kavaleuski notes that the Cabinet began considering the issue of passports long before Lukashenka issued his decree, as Belarusians had previously testified to problems with exchanging and obtaining new documents.

"We got involved and took practical actions, because we saw that the regime was already taking certain repressive measures that limited the rights of Belarusians".

Ці паскорыць лукашэнкаўскі ўказ выдачу пашпартоў “Новай Беларусі”?
Sample passport of "New Belarus" / Telegram channel of the United Transitional Cabinet

We will continue to inform our partners that the regime is taking certain actions to further complicate the lives of Belarusians.

The new decree will be an important argument to convince our partners that we need their support in recognizing the passport of "New Belarus". This will solve both practical problems and send a signal to Lukashenka that his regime is a thing of the past in the eyes of the international community. 

If the regime "confiscates" the protesters' apartments, will the new authorities return them?


Lukashenka's decree also includes measures to prevent Belarusians from disposing of their movable and immovable property remaining in the country. For a number of actions - for example, to secure an apartment - one must be present in the country in person. Or to present a power of attorney, which must also be drawn up in Belarus.

If the regime goes further and starts "confiscating" property from its opponents, will the new government return it? Is the office already planning the future compensation mechanism?

"Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's office has for some time been developing a policy of rehabilitation for people who were victims of repression, who were forced to go abroad, who lost their jobs or places at universities, who were deprived of ranks and titles, state classes.

And the same goes for people who lost their property. Undoubtedly, such situations will not remain without reaction in democratic Belarus".


What do the Europeans say?

When we called Mr. Kavaleuski, he was in Berlin.

"I had just had meetings in the Bundestag and the German Foreign Ministry. And this was the first news we discussed. Because it shows that Lukashenka's regime continues to oppress even those people who were forced to leave Belarus and live in free countries. They still feel Lukashenka's fingers on their throats. He is trying to control them or even to drag them to Belarus to create problems for the people there".

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