Water park: Queues to extreme water slide have doubled


A girl and a young man turned over, fell out of the tubing and received fractures. Other people who turned over but avoided serious injuries started reporting the problem on the Internet after these incidents. The conducted check-up revealed no faults in the construction of the water slide. However, it was decided to change the tubings anyway, the press service of the water park reports.

"We have been recommended to change the tubings. A German company is responsible for serving the water slides. We cannot buy the tubings we like without their consent. We have been recommended Japanese tubings. The check-ups revealed no problems. But we do not want any other incidents. It is an extreme water slide. The queue to it has doubled after reports in mass media.”

There are no cameras inside the tubing and it is impossible to say what happened there.

"We tried to calculate the time the people spent there. The security service is studying the issue and an internal investigation is in process. You should not turn over there if you are doing everything right. Supervisory pilots and representatives of the German company tested the water slides.”

The girl who broke her collar bone said that other people were allowed to use the tubing right after they had fallen off. The person responsible for watching people leave the tubing safely did not report the incident in time. It is a violation, the water park admitted. However, it was just a combination of circumstances.

"The water slide is programmed to react to movements. We are going to make it react to weight. The instructor got distracted at that moment. We wanted to fire him but the cameras showed that it was not his fault. He turned away for a split second, the sensor reacted and when the man started reporting the problem it was too late – the green light turned on and other people were allowed to use the water slide.”

The injured people also complained that there were no medicines at the first-aid post. All the assistance that they could get was limited to applying ice.

"It is not a hospital; we have no right to render medical assistance. We must call an ambulance. The ECM and ambulances work in the water park on weekends and during night events.”

A person with a ticket is automatically insured. If an incident occurs, they must lodge a written complaint to the water park. If the event is insured, it will be possible to get compensation.

Photo: relax.by