Belarus bans Valentine's Day at universities, schools

Valentine's cards were allowed before /
Valentine's cards were allowed before /

Belarusian schools have banned Valentine's Day celebrations, Euroradio has learnt from the parents of students at three schools in Minsk. Earlier, there were reports about the ban on celebrating Valentine's Day at universities.

For many years before , on February 14, schools had a holiday mailbox: students could fold Valentine's cards and put them in a special box, while duty officers distributed them to classes during each break. In the evening, there might be a concert and the election of the prettiest school couple. Valentine's Day was traditionally included in the academic calendar.

Now everything is declared to be "Western values", allegedly alien to Belarusian society, even though St. Valentine is a Christian martyr and Christianity is the most widespread religion in Belarus.

У беларускіх школах забараняюць святкаваць Дзень усіх закаханых

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