U.S. State Department accuses Russia and separatists of hypocrisy

Russia and Donets Basin separatists speak about peace and keep waging war, spokesperson for the State Department John Kirby claimed commenting on the aggravation of the conflict in the ATO area after militants’ attack on Starognatovka.

"We are worried about the increase of attacks in East Ukraine. Russia and the separatists it supports cannot speak about peace and wage war at the same time. If they want peace, they must stick to the ceasefire agreements reached in Minsk,” TSN quotes the American diplomat.

Kirby is also worried about the recent arson of OSCE mission cars in Donets Basin.

Separatists started attacking Starognatovka and using heavy artillery near Mariupol yesterday. The militants’ attack near Strognatovka was repulsed.

Photo: defense.gov