Unofficial writers' union launches web site

The site of the Union of Belarusian Writers has been launched in the internet. Ales Pashkevich, the leader of the organization, told the European Radio for Belarus it was an expected and necessary move. According to Mr Pashkevich, independent literary activities are partly virtual in Belarus. Thhat's why unofficial writers want "to express their thoughts and information through an independent literary movement". Since doing this has become harder every month, there was a need to represent their activities in the internet.

Pashkevich: "The literary web site represents in the first place the Union of Belarusian Writers. It also aims to familiarize visitors with the literature and cultural news from Belarus".

In the view of Pashkevich, the site will turn into a literary encyclopedia where the biographies and works of Belarusian writers could be found. In addition, all the editions of the Literary Belarus newspaper will be available in the PDF format. The work on the site is still in progress.