Ukrainian MP bombarded with excrement

The incident happened during a press conference in Kyiv dedicated to the use of language to create biometric passports. According to the Ukrainian media, a young girl entered the hall and threw two bags of excrement to the people's deputy. She cried out: "The bandits have already crossed all boundaries!"

Kolesnichenko tried to avoid the packages. One of the packages exploded on the wall behind him.

The woman was arrested. She could tell the reporters that her name was Lisaveta, and she represented the Orange Revolution Coalition parties.

Kolesnichenko is known as the co-author of the bill, according to which the Russian language in Ukraine gets the status of the regional language, in the areas where it is the mother tongue for at least 10% of the population (in 13 of the 27 administrative units of the country).

Photos - Oleksandr Arhat,