Ukraine refuses entry to Belarusian rapper Max Korzh


Ukrainian border guards refused entry to rapper Maz Korzh and banned him from entering the country for 3 years, reports InfoResist quoting Oleg Slobodyan, aide to the State Border Control Service chief.

"Today, during passport checks of the passengers that arrived from Minsk, we identified this singer who some time back had visited the occupied Crimea. Based on the available information and in accordance with the law, the final decision was taken not to allow him to cross the border," Slobodyan explained.

Max Korzh was scheduled to play a big concert at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv on 23 November. 

According to earlier reports, in July 2015 Korzh performed in the cities of Simferopol and Sevostopol in the Russa-annexed Crimea. He later traveled to Kyiv and Lviv. In February 2016, the rapper was banned from entering Ukraine but later Ukraine's Security Service lifted the ban because it did not see a threat to national security in Max Korzh's actions.