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UK marines arrive in Belarus for joint drills with local paratroopers

Belarusian and UK Armed Forces troops line up before Excercise Winter Partisan in Belarus / @modmilby

30 Royal Marines of 42 Commando on 2 March began a joint exercise code-named Winter Partisan with Belarusian paratroopers from the peacemaking company of the 103rd Paratroopers Brigade, Belarusian Defense Ministry wrote on Telegram.

The Defense Ministry has stressed that the exercise is an important training and experience learning and sharing event because Belarus plans to increase participation in the UN peacemaking operations.

This represents the largest group of UK Armed Forces personnel to have trained in Belarus and forms part of a bilateral program of training and education the two countries share with each other.

Last summer, Belarusian troops won a silver medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol in Wales – the world’s toughest patrolling challenge – and participated with 2nd Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment, on Exercise Urban Ranger.

Exercise Winter Partisan represents the return phase of this year’s bilateral exchange between the UK and Belarus and will help to build trust and mutual understanding.

The Belarus President's administration newspaper adds that the drill is not part of any large-scale multi-party military exercise in the region.

The peacemaking company is based in Viciebsk since 2012. It regularly participates in military exercises in the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a military grouping of the CIS member states.

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