UCP to participate in 2016 parliamentary campaign

АГП паўдзельнічае ў парламенцкай кампаніі 2016 года

The United Civil Party will participate in the parliamentary campaign in 2016 on principle, said on January 14 Party Chairman Anatol Lyabedzka. According to him, the UCP is involved in all election campaigns, and "it is a position of principle." At the same time, the party is developing "its own scenario of participation in elections" and it is not going to play "according to the rules of the government."

According to Anatol Lyabedzka, there could be invemted no new strategy of participation in election campaigns, including in the parliamentary elections of 2016. "Nothing new, the important thing is consistency, integrity, continuity," said the politician. The UCP, he said, will go to the parliamentary elections with the same message that the presidential election of 2015, - with the program "One Million New Jobs."

Lyabedzka said that one of the tasks of participation in the parliamentary campaign is prevention of legitimization of its results. Therefore, they will gather evidence that our country has "no free and fair elections."

The UCP has compiled a list of 55 representatives of the Party, whom it proposes for the single list of candidates from the center-right coalition. In addition to the party, it will include the movement "For Freedom" and the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", BelaPAN reports.

The exact date of the parliamentary elections in Belarus is to be determined no later than June 10, the deadline for their holding is September 11, 2016.