Two Belarusian banks affected by U.S. sanctions for Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Два беларускія банкі трапілі пад санкцыі ЗША за дзеянні Расіі ва Украіне

The United States Department of the Treasury expanded the sanctions affecting Russian physical and legal entities in connection with Russia’s actions in Ukraine on December 22. 34 positions have been added on the list – most of them are Russian banks and companies and their affiliates.

In particular, the affiliates of Sberbank and VTB and a number of services of Yandex.Money have been affected by the sanctions. Two Belarusian banks, VTB and BPS-Sberbank, are also on the list, Radio Liberty reports.


A number of politicians and top managers including former Ukrainian Ministers and activists from the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics are affected by the American sanctions.