Trial against FEMEN activists postponed till Friday

The activists gave a written obligation to appear in court. Leader of the Ukrainian feminists Hanna Hutsol has informed this to Euroradio.

"When the girls came to the court the officials told them that all the judges were busy and the case will be considered on Friday. There are two oprions here: the judges could have really been busy, or the decision what to do with us for the yesterday's action."

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is staying in Kyiv with an official visit on June 17-18. FEMEN activists came to the place where the Belarusian leader stayed for the night, with torches. The slogans like "Viva Belarus!", "Fuck dictator!" and others were written on their bodies. However, the police and "Berkut" special police protected Lukashenka's comfort.

Leader of the movement Hanna Hutsol has told in a conversation with Euroradio that the detained activists face up to 15 days in jail.

Euroradio reminds, in 2011 FEMEN held an anti-Lukashenka action at the KGB office in Minsk.

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