Trend of IT specialists leaving Belarus continues

IT specialists continue to leave Belarus / Sample photo
IT specialists continue to leave Belarus / Sample photo

In Belarus the trend of emigration of IT specialists continues. Official statistics show that in January-February 2023, 3,423 people left the companies in the information and communications sector. In the same period, 1,737 people were hired, and another 226 were hired for additional jobs created. It turns out that the net outflow from the Belarusian IT was 1,686 people - more than 800 monthly, writes

The trend of the outflow of IT specialists in Belarus has been observed since 2020 and was caused by repression. After the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2022, the second wave began. The outflow increased from month to month. It was assumed that this process was influenced by new Western sanctions. For the whole of last year, the net outflow of IT specialists amounted to about 17 thousand people.

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