Three leaders to run Young Front (video)

The delegates passed a resolution demanding the government to release and rehabilitate all political prisoners. They also called on democratic countries to continue economic sanctions against Lukashenka. The delegates said Belarus was not worth being invited to the upcoming Eastern Paternership summit in Vilnius.

With regard the organization's ideology, the delegates reconfirmed that the Young Front did not support any ideas that confront Christian values or totalitarian ideologies (Communism, Nazism) or immorality (drinking, drug abuse, paedophilia, homosexuality). Any member who promotes these ideas will automatically lose membership in the organization, the delegates said.

The current Young Front leader Zmicier Dashkevich also proposed to introduce the principle of co-chairmanship. His proposal to have four co-chairs of the organization was approved by tge congress. The three leaders were elected immediately through voting: Zmicier Dashkevich, Abdrei Tsianyuta and political prisoner Eduard Lobau. The fourth leader will be elected by an ad hoc session of the congress, report Nasha Niva.