Surikov about Regnum: They are radical journalists

Сурыкаў — пра Regnum: Гэта радыкальныя журналісты

Replying to a question from Euroradio about the condition of Belarus-Russia relations and his reaction to the detention of pro-Russian propagandists, Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov described the authors of Regnum as radical journalists.

“They are Belarusian citizens. This is a Belarusian case in terms of proceedings. They are radical journalists. We also receive information from this Regnum. We have serious doubts that all these articles work for the strengthening of fraternal relations between the Belarusian and Russian people. A lot of things can be used to seed discord."

Surikov noted he has serious doubts that the detained Regnum authors are true patriots of Belarus. The wording like "under-nation", "under-people" does not make a citizen, including a journalist, look good.

“Therefore, this case requires a proper consideration. There is certain dysharmony here in terms pf the freedom of speech, but there is also an issue of radicalism and destruction of interstate friendship. There are many questions that the authorities in charge of this investigation have to consider and take a relevant decision," added the Russian ambassador.

Commenting on the problems with the supplies of Belarusian dairy products and the lack of progress in the gas and oil deal negotiations, Surikov noted that he regards the relations between Russia and Belarus as the relations of the strategic partners and fraternal nations in the first place.

“One should not boil everything down to peculiarities, which always were and will be in the Bealrus-Russia relations - in business structures, political peculiarities, which can be assessed differently. There are also issues of nationalism in the world. Unfortunately, it is raisinf head. There is nationalism on the territory of Belarus, on the territory of Russian Federation, Ukraine and EU countries. One needs to fight it back."