“Stsyana” band celebrates 10th anniversary by 4.5-hour concert

“Stsyana” have given a jubilee concert in their home town - Brest. It lasted for 4.5 hours. The band was greeted by such :B:N, local USHUAIA and !WANTED, SOK, UNIA and Dtails.
The manager of “Stsyana” Zmiter  Nazarau has told ERB: “We were the headliners of a musical festival “Basowiszcza” in Polish Gorodok and it was the second time this year. We are going to give concerts in Berlin and we dream of doing it in Amsterdam. A man approached me near the entrance and asked: why do they sing in Belarusian? Of course, I aksed him: in what country do we live?”
The band has recorded and will soon publish a new album dated for the 10th anniversary “Return point”. “SOK”, “Dtails”, and “BezNazova” performed quite professionally. A wall of 8 kilowatt equipment was installed in the small hall of the Palace of Trade Unions so the rock could be felt with your whole being. The band celebrating their anniversary have also demonstrated decent “sax” alongside with a strong guitar party and drums. It seemed that the club’s walls would soon be driven apart.  A girl or a guy kept crawling across the hall with in listeners’’ arms from time to time. A white-red-white flag was hoisted during the performance of “:B:N” and the audience shouted “Live Belarus!”.

“Stsyana” began with their first song “Spring. Point-by” and finished with a tribute of “N.R.M.” – “Belarusian Way”. One of the present revealed an unpleasant secret during the concert: “They have to ask the city executive committee what they can sing. Only Syarhei Mihalok can afford signing “Belarus Freedom” or whatever he likes”. 

The manager of “Stsyana” Zmitser Nazarau did not refute it. 

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