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State Control Committee: Delegates needed tablet computers for mobility


Minsk City Executive Committee that bought tablet computers for the delegates of the All-Belarus National Assembly has ignored citizens’ collective complaint because “it is not the competent authority”. BCD coordinator in Minsk and leader of the Christian-Democratic movement Volha Kavalkova has received this reply to the appeal.

All the expenses on souvenirs, accommodation of delegates and the organization of the assembly ‘corresponded to the approved estimate’ and ‘no violations of the budget legislation have been reveled’, the State Control Committee (SCC) replied.


“The purchase of tablet computers for delegates of the All-Belarus National Assembly was one of the means of providing their mobile and efficient participation in the assembly and the gadgets were used as an information resource,” SCC officials noted.

According to part 1.8 of article 22 of the Belarusian law On Government Service in the Republic of Belarus, “public servants do not have the right to receive and accept gifts or any other benefits including services expect for souvenirs presented to them at official events. The cost of the souvenirs exceeding 5 base amounts is transferred o the state.”

Every delegate (public servant) was presented a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 costing about Br4.1 million (19.5 base amounts), Radio Liberty reports.