Belarusian People's Assembly

A multi-vector foreign policy at its best
A multi-vector foreign policy at its best
Belarus is a multi-vector country, but one vector seriously outweighs the others.
Budget money was spent on the purchase without any law violation, officials say.
Euroradio is investigating who bought Samsung tablet computers as presents for for the All-Belarus Assembly delegates.
Undress and work, the President said. ‘Sure!’ the people replied.
The delegate's kit also included Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Br3.7 million each among other souvenirs.
Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich shares with Euroradio what presents the delegates received this year.
The Palace of the Republic ‘will be occupied’ by the delegates of the All-Belarus National Assembly for two days.
Delegates gathered at the Palace of the Republic in downtown Kastrycnickaja Square in Minsk on June 22.