Sniper from Belarus killed in Donbas, buried at the Tomb of Savur

According to him, the Belarusian citizen Natallia Krasouskaya from Borisov, who fought in the ranks of the militants, was killed in mid-September. On Saturday, September 27, she was buried on the mound Savour-tomb in the Donetsk region. 

It should be recalled that in August there was information that Natallia Krasouskaya was killed during the assault on Yalenavki to the south of Donetsk. The only evidence were photographs of the deceased made by the Ukrainian troops. However, her ID was not found. Soon Krasouskaya recorded a video in which she stated that she was alive and did not want to have the Belarusian national flag on her uniform. Also, she was going to abandon the Belarusian citizenship. The reason being that she "no longer liked Lukashenka" who "supported Poroshenko." 

Беларуска са Славянска перадала прывітанне "бацьку Рыгоравічу" (відэа)