Skrabiets: General Fralou had strong support in Russia

On Monday came the news about the death of Valery Fralou, Belarusian politician, general. He was 67 years old. Syargei Skrabiets spoke about Valery Fralou in an interview to Euroradio. In the early 2000s they were members of the House of Representatives, together they were members of the democratic group Respublika.

Skrabiets: "I saw him two days ago. I was helping him arrange next year's presidential campaign... He was a sincere, honest man with an open mind. He was spoke his mind... He was very responsible... There are very few people like him left, and I don't think there are any left in politics."

According to Skrabets, Fralou had a lot of friends who recently turned away from him, they were afraid to talk because he was in the opposition. And Valery Fralou was very upset. He was preparing to participate in the presidential campaign of 2015.

Skrabiets: "He was counting on the 2015 presidential campaign. He was preparing very seriously for it. He had strong support in Russia. And here [in Belarus] he had support among officials and law enforcement agencies. Therefore, he could have a  brilliant election...".

Syargei Skrabiets says Valery Fralou was "a very healthy man", never complained about his health. Together they recently played football. So his unexpected death came as a big surprise.

Pictured: Members of the group Respublika Uladzimir Parfenovich, Valery Fralou, Sergei Skrabiets 2004. Photos -