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Six major Belarusian telegram channels bought at once

Belarusian TG channels /

Six major Belarusian telegram channels now have a single owner. The information about the acquisition has appeared in the group Belarusian Telegram and chats, where news of the local segment of TG are discussed.

Not much is known about the deal. We are talking about the channels "Belarus Now" (#5 by in terms of audience, 139.7 thousand subscribers), "Belarus Speaking" (#7, 113.5 thousand subscribers), "Belarus without censorship" (#8, 81.3 thousand subscribers), "Belarus Emergency" (#9, 80.8 thousand subscribers), "VIRUS Belarus" (#14, 62.6 thousand subscribers), "Belarus 24/7". (#22, 50.9 thousand subscribers). These are mostly recently launched channels created in spring and grown "for sale" on the hype around the coronavirus.