Interior Minister Shunevich explains mass event's meaning

Ihar Shunevich. Photo: BELTA archives
Ihar Shunevich. Photo: BELTA archives

Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich has explained how his subordinates distinguish unauthorized mass events form an ordinary meeting of, say, a popular blogger’s subscribers.  

Political actions are unauthorized mass events, Shunevich explained. “People who try to provoke the authorities know very well what they are doing.” Various mass events are not in this category. “If you do everything in a civilized and cultured way, nobody will have a grievance against you.”

The Minister has given an interview to ONT. It was shown on the evening of December 27.

Meanwhile, brothers Illya and Yauhen Sharykaila have been accused of organization of an unauthorized mass event in Pinsk for a meeting with subscribers of their social media channel “Top Pinsk”.

Больш навін за 27 снежня ў праграме “Петарда”