Shpіleuskі: Radzivonau refused Russian grandees and chose “Freiburg”

The famous football agent met the best last season’s forward of the Belarusian championship playing in “Freiburg” in Germany the other day. Vital Radzivonau had received offers from Russian football grandees before he joined the German club of the second league. A famous football agent Mikalai Shpileuski informed about it in an interview with ERB.

“Only the onion of the player, Vital Radzivonou, was taken into account when he transferred to “Freiburg”. I will not conceal the fact that he refused Russian football grandees and refused from some financial support. He decided to continue his football career in Germany. He has this chance. I think he will have a good future if he manages to express himself in Germany the way he did in the Champions League. It is a good example of a person refusing from financial assistance in order to dedicate himself to football”.

According to Shpileuski, Vital feels okay in Germany and has started getting used to the local lifestyle.

“I asked Vitalik about his mood and how the things were going. He said: everything is excellent. Everything is different and it can be felt from the very start. It is a different country, mentality and people”.

A big interview with Mikalai Shpileuski will be prepared by ERB soon. He will describe the dreams of Alyaksandr Hleb 10 years ago and tell us which Belarusian players may move to Europe soon. He will also discourse on BATE’s opportunity of repeating its last year’s success.