Shooting in Maidan, wounded reported

According to the information provided via facebook by the Central Council of Maidan Hundreds, "it was a provocation with shooting...Those who attacked covered their faces with masks. The alerted hundreds chased the attackers away but a new attack may happen before the morning…".

Eye-witnesses claim that the attack happened at about 1 a.m. 40 people in masks, divided into two groups, attacked from the direction of Shevchenko and Hrynchenko Way.

"They were catching people with non-Slavonic appearance. They did not demolish the tents but dragged the people out of there. The attackers were armed with chains, knuckles, bats. 10-15 Maidan people were hurt... 10 people strived to defend them. There was a Kalashnikov machine-gun! First there was shooting in the air, then in those who attacked. 2 people in a serious condition are in the ambulance... ", writes Twitter user @tombreadley.

There have been no official comments on the incident so far.