Shabli farmstead not to change its concert schedule despite fire

The owners of the popular festival venue Shabli farmstead have informed that the fire that happened at night on July 1-2 will not affect the planned events. Euroradio reminds, the world music-festival "Free Air" is planned to take place at Shabli farmstead on August 24.

According to the preliminary information, the fire started due to the lighted stove that was left unattended. No one was hurt but the wooden house was totally destroyed. The farmstead owners thank the rescuers of the Valozhyn district department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the residents of the village of Maloye Zaprudzdze and their friends for the support.

The Shabli farmstead in Valozhyn district is known as the venue of the noisy summer festivals "Concerts on the Grass", "", "Shamany", "Beatles Shabli" and "Free Air".